We Love You Already!

We Love You Already!

Can you love somebody you’ve never met?
Ask any mother and she will tell you “yes”. Before that baby was born, she already loved him or her.
In this digital age, we are networking and connecting to people in different cities, counties, even countries!
When we realize we have shared experiences, we form invisible bonds. The chance to meet these new friends face-to-face is a great reward. And when we find that our new friends are friends with other friends, we grow into a community!

I love some women I have never met face-to-face. They are my sisters. We share one common love. We love because He first loved us. I read their stories and jump up and down shouting “me too!”
I cry at the pain in their stories because I’ve had that same pain. Maybe God loved us first because we really aren’t so different. All of these friends are willing to tell me their shortcomings—and yet that’s the thing that makes them so appealing to me. (And it works the other way too)
Just like me, they are not enough by themselves.
Perhaps you are out there feeling lonely and unloved.
Maybe someone hurt you with their ill-timed good intentions. Maybe someone hurt you on purpose.
I want you to know, this is your place.

Here, we’re all a group of real girls, brave not because we’re special, but because we are loved.
We are wrapped in the purpose that God chose for us for His glory.  2 Corinthians 12:9 says that our weaknesses exist that the Power of Christ may rest on us, so come on in!

We’ll laugh together, cry together, and most importantly, battle the real enemy together.

You matter. How you feel is important.

So is truth.

Let the lies fall flat. We approach the throne of grace with CONFIDENCE.

God is working through you. Declare it!

And know that your story matters. We’d love to hear it!

If you missed it last week, please read BraveGirl Martha’s post, “#NoFilter“! It’s all about community and being real. 🙂

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