Warrior – A Letter From The King

Warrior – A Letter From The King

Dear Daughter,

You see your weakness
and you crumble to the ground.
Covered in the weight and fear
of all consuming sound.
It’s the voice of your adversary
feeding every misconstrued lie.
He whispers “You are NOTHING”
hoping to discourage you to fight.

You lay there for a second
contemplating if any of this is true,
that you’re weak.
Not valued.
You’re beyond fearful too.
You can’t see past the darkness,
to the light of my truth.
But listen closely daughter,
I will show you how to move.

Get up and STAND FIRM
with your armor set in place.
Lift high your head daughter,
you are a WARRIOR in my name.

Wrap the BELT of TRUTH
tightly around your waist
firmly in its place.
Strap your SHOES tightly,
walk confidently in my PEACE.
Raise up your SHIELD of FAITH
to deflect your enemy.
is your security in Christ.
SAVED and SEALED by the blood,
bought with a precious price.
Now grab your SWORD of the SPIRIT
and speak BOLDLY from My Truth.
My word does NOT return void-
“I AM” declares it over you.


You slowly get up
from the depths of the ground,
dusting the ashes of defeat
from the tip of your brow.
You’re STRONG.
You’re BOLD,
with a fierce look in your eye.
Staring at your enemy telling him,
“It’s now past your time!
Because my Daddy says
He created me to fight.
I am not your weak one satan
and I will put you into flight.
You come at me like a flood
trying to drown me in your lies,
but I am armed and dangerous
in the POWER of HIS MIGHT!”

I will NOT be shaken.
I will NOT be moved.
I DECLARE my victory in Jesus’ name
His plans are for my GOOD!


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