Pull Up a Chair

Pull Up a Chair

“Do you want to help me cook?” I ask.

“Yeah!” she replies with a matter-of-fact nod of her head.

Pulling up a chair up with an eager grin, my girl rests her chin in her hands and expectantly leans across the counter top.

She doesn’t know what I’m making; she can’t even name most of the ingredients. But I talk to her as we work, and she listens closely.

I let her stir, sprinkle, pour and taste. It’s messy, but the smile of satisfaction spreading across her face as she experiences the process of making something new is worth the extra clean up.

It’s our new ritual, my daughter’s and mine.  And while I could make dinner much faster on my own, I choose to include her in the process.  I don’t need her help, but I crave the camaraderie that comes naturally from this shared experience.


These nightly cooking sessions have taught me something new about my Savior…


I hear the Father calling my name.  “Pull up a chair,” He says.  “Want to help me?”

Of course I do. I long to be close to Him, so I quickly climb up and lean in, eager to begin. I’m not sure what the final product will be. I can’t name every ingredient He’s going to throw into the mix.

But as we work He speaks. He tells me what I need to know for each step. And as I listen, I learn.

Sometimes He lets me stir. Sometimes I add a little seasoning. Sometimes I simply watch in awe as He reveals the miracle of each completed dish.

It’s messy…so very messy. I’ve got dirty and unskilled hands. I constantly spill, overfill, and muck up the batter. But He is strong and wise, and He gently steadies me, cleaning up behind me and showing me how to improve for the next time.

And even though it would be so much easier for Him to mix and pour and knead alone, He invites me along and welcomes me into the process. What patience He must have, I’ve often wondered, to put up with my failures. But then I picture my daughter’s face as she licks the spoon – and I get it.

pull up a chair2

The bond that forms between me and my baby girl when cooking together brings joy to us both. In this same way, I know firsthand the happy rewards that come from working closely with my Heavenly Daddy in service for His kingdom.

In the kitchen of your life, there’s an empty chair and an open invitation from a loving Father. If it’s been a while since you’ve felt His presence, climb on up, lean into Him, and get your hands messy again!



  1. You’re an excellent writer Emily!

  2. Thank you, Emily. Great word picture. I can see it and I need it.


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