Made for Me (A Dress-Shopping Adventure)

Made for Me (A Dress-Shopping Adventure)

Just before Mother’s Day, my daughter turned 7. We celebrated with a trip to Baskin Robbins.

The next night, we took her gift card to a clothing store so she could buy some dresses.
I decided that for Mother’s Day this year I wanted to buy a new dress.
After 11 dresses, I left the store empty-handed and not feeling great about myself.
You see, before children, I was pretty body-confident. I’d gone up in weight during college, but worked at getting fit before getting married.
After two children, my body returned to the illusion of normal. After my third daughter, my abs never fully connected.
And, in the right outfits, you can’t tell.


This is my belly button. Color blocking is supposed to give me curves, but the waist hit too high with this dress.

But, given the wrong fit, well, the preschoolers aren’t afraid to ask eagerly if I have “a baby in my tummy”??


Side-ruching is supposed to give you an hourglass figure. This dress was not too tight, but the fabric gathered at the most unfortunate place for me. (see next photo)



This dress makes me look pregnant. Or reveals that I was pregnant-three times over. So much for side-gathers.


This was actually the closest to a “yes” all night, but the flowers? Too big.


It was SO cute on the hanger!


I wanted to say “yes” to the dress, but this was another “no”.



Modest is hottest, right?


By the time I got to that last dress, I just wanted to cover myself up. Why was everything in so many different colors and styles still so wrong?!!

I googled my body type at home that night. It turns out, those dresses I tried on? Not made for me. My body type is not an apple or a pear. (Or any form of triangle or hourglass). I’m a banana.
Or as they now say, “rectangle”. That means that my middle is pretty much the same as my hips and shoulders. It’s nicer than calling me a hot dog. Or an eggplant.
But, the point here is that if something isn’t made for us, it’s not going to fit.
We’re not going to feel comfortable and we’re not going to be confident.

I do have dresses that fit me and that I feel great in.
Maybe I don’t need anything new. Maybe I need to remember what I have. And maybe in my heart, I need to remember who made me.

Healthy eating and working out can be wonderful, but if we’re obsessed with them, they become idols. We are worshiping our bodies instead of the One who made our bodies.
Raising our kids and doing a good job are noble goals, but even our children can become an idol if they become more important than God.
There’s only one throne in our life. It’s up to us to choose who’s on the seat. Is it me and my ability to be “supermom”? Is it my husband? Is it my kids?
I want to surrender that throne to God, and He’s so gentle to remind me when I’m crowding the seat.

The song “Have it All” by Bethel has really ministered to me lately. I’m not the all-Perfect One. I’m not the all-Holy One.
But, if I’m trying to live up to that, then I am trying to be God. No wonder I’m tired and constantly failing to meet my expectations!

God has placed you and I on the Earth right now to minister to people around us. We don’t have to change to be useful. We just have to be willing to be used.

How about you? Have you been discouraged by something lately? How can we pray for you?



  1. Tammy a few of those dresses didn’t look too bad on you! What I love is that you continued on your day, left the dresses behind and focused on being grateful! Thanks for remining us to NOT get overly focused on the mirror!

    • Patti,
      oh thank you! 🙂 My daughter, wonderfully, found two dresses she was delighted with. I was able to use it as a teachable moment with her and her youngest sister. “Sometimes dresses just aren’t made for us. Mommy’s not pregnant, but this dress is not made for Mommy and it makes her look pregnant.”
      I was able to encourage her because she’s built like me, instead of built like her willowy older sister, that it’s the dress, not the girl. Some dresses are just not right. We, however, are perfectly made.
      So thankful I could encourage you!!
      BraveGirl Tammy


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