Love Shows Up

Love Shows Up


Love shows up in a friend.
In the ones you know you can rely on and depend

Whether you’re in the middle of joy or deep sorrow
They don’t stay away or wait until tomorrow

They show up with coffee, a meal, a listening ear
They speak words of truth and of life without fear

With these you don’t have to pretend
Love shows up in a friend.


Love shows up when a stranger
Shows disregard for their own potential danger

And lifts those up who are living on the fringe
The homeless, the orphan, those who make the self-righteous cringe

They offer peace and hope to all whose paths they intersect
They protect, give respect, have an eternal effect

These people are the real world changers
And to God it’s no small thing; its major
Love shows up in a stranger.


Love showed up in a stable.
Not in some nursery; not in a cradle

That night when His life here so humbly began
Was part of a grander, divinely-breathed plan
To give His life; to save fallen man
To gather His children – no matter how far they ran

This baby, so often mislabeled,
Was the One to do what we are unable
(It’s not just some Christmas time fable!)
Love showed up in a stable.


Love showed up on a cross
He suffered our pain; He endured our loss

For three bitter days He fought against Hell
Bringing freedom to all bound by sin’s prison cell
He arose triumphant – He loves us so well –
Of that kind of Savior we should always retell!

Jesus is the bridge we can now walk across
Love showed up on a cross.


So now in this season of giving
Let each of us examine the life we’ve been living
If it’s truly in Christ we’ve placed our trust –
Then let love show up in us!





  1. Beautiful, Emily.

  2. What a beautiful gift you have been given! You use your words to honor and glorify Christ and to bring light to a dark world.


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