Jesus Misses You

Jesus Misses You

“What would Jesus say to you if He were sitting at the table?”

That question floored me. I immediately heard/felt/sensed the Holy Spirit giving me my answer:  Jesus would tell me He misses me.

My relationship with Jesus has been on-again, off-again for most of my adult life. It’s not His fault – He’s been pursuing me, loving me, and waiting for me every time I separate myself from Him. And I don’t mean to…I truly want to be close to Jesus. I love Him for who He is and what He’s done for me. He is a real and undeniable presence, coming to my rescue when I’m desperate and lavishing blessings on my undeserving life.

If Jesus were physically standing right in front of me, I would undoubtedly fall on my face in awestruck reverence, worshipping the one who paid it all so I could even have the chance to know Him.

But He is here. And I’m not living up to my end of the deal. Instead of having a consistent conversation with my Savior, I’m checking Facebook, Instagram, and my email. Instead of falling at His feet in daily praise, I let my thoughts wander to what I’m wearing tomorrow or to the next thing on my to-do list. Instead of acknowledging His presence, I whisk right past Him, slamming the door in His face as I take care of business on my own.

I wouldn’t dare treat anyone I love with that distant, thoughtless attitude. But I do it to Christ multiple times a week.

And He misses me. I feel it. I hear a still, small voice whispering my name, urging me to stop, drop everything, and just be with Him. Some days I comply, and the peace, joy, and assurance I gain from time spent communing with Jesus makes the biggest difference in the rest of my day. I’m more like myself when I start the day with Him.

So I’m trying something new. A wise friend told me to pray everyday and ask God to give me a desire to meet with Him daily. Ummm, hello…lightbulb! I have never done that…but I’m ready for a new approach. My way (making a plan, setting a schedule, gathering supplies, and basically trying to regiment my time with Christ) hasn’t worked. Jesus wants to be more than a 20-minute appointment I pencil into my schedule. He wants me to desire Him the way He desires me.
The reason I’ve been so inconsistently connecting with Him is because I’ve depended on myself to make it work. I haven’t asked God to give me a desire for Him that overwhelms everything else vying for my attention. Until today. I’m saying a prayer I’ve never uttered before, and I’m going to keep repeating it until I don’t need to anymore.
What about you?  What would Jesus say to you if He were sitting next to you in this very moment?  Can you hear His voice?
Jesus Christ loves you. He wants your heart, your worries, your sorrows. He’s strong enough to handle whatever you might throw at Him.
Listen. Respond. Rest. Seek Him – He’s been missing you!
BraveGirl Emily


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