Getting What I Prayed For

Getting What I Prayed For

Sometimes God answers our prayers and we see right away what He has done. There are big crisis prayers and little tiny prayers, but His answers aren’t always what we expect.

In the journey of life, we have unexpected trips to the Emergency Room, moments where we look around for the adult, then discover “You are the adult”. God reminds us who is in control at the times we have no control. We were certainly aware of prayer in that experience. This year, my six year old had some fluke tummy-upsets on our 4th of July trip. No fever, just needed the tummy to empty itself. (too much sugar and fun at Grandma’s house?) In between the first and second round, we quietly sat in the bathroom at my parents’ house at 4:30am.


After we prayed for her to be healed, we discussed that God made our bodies to throw up if something bad was in them. “God’s way of healing you may be to have you throw up again.” “It’s not the healing you would like, but you’ll feel better.
After I said that, the profound wisdom hit me.

How many times have I thought God didn’t answer my prayers because it wasn’t the answer I wanted or the answer I was looking for?

A year ago, God answered a prayer for healing. My friend had been battling cancer and was suffering greatly. Her health took a sharp turn in just two weeks. I was grieved and asked Him to either heal her completely or take her home, “but please don’t leave her like this!” She’d been battling osteosarcoma and had just turned 22. The next day, she passed away early in the morning.


I wanted God to restore her to her pre-cancerous self. He chose to remove her pain for eternity. This was not the healing I had prayed for, was it? I wanted Him to answer the prayer my way.

But sometimes, “it’s not the healing you would like.” Maybe we are allowed to endure things for deeper healing. Maybe the healing is still coming. Maybe we are allowed to experience something sad so we can offer strength and comfort to others when they have a similar experience. We validate their pain with “me too.” “I know what you are feeling.” “I’ve been there.”

Don’t lose hope when God’s answer is not the one you asked for. We don’t see or know everything. At BraveGirl Community, we are committed to praying with you. We have seen prayers answered, and even when bad things happen, God can turn them around for His glory.
When we remain faithful to God in trials, it is a slap in the face to our enemy.
You are never alone.

The video below is Rachel’s testimony when she’d successfully battled cancer the first time. I believe it will bring hope and encouragement to you today! (And for you email subscribers, here’s the youtube link )

How can we pray for you today? Leave a comment and we’ll be sure to respond!



  1. I need this read this a.m. I agree with so much of this, but sometimes need to be reminded to step out of the hurt and see the grace. I was also encouraged by the attached video

    • I am so glad you took time to comment today, Beck! And thank you for watching her video. Rachel’s light will continue to shine for years to come, if YouTube stays in business.
      Lord, I lift up Beck to you and thank you for her. Thank you for her faith, please help her to see you more than the circumstances surrounding her. Thank you for your grace. I pray it would continue to wash over her like a waterfall.
      In your name, and for your glory, Amen!
      Thanks again for reaching out, Beck. May you be blessed today!
      BraveGirl Tammy

  2. I totally identify with the struggle to keep praying and keep hoping when God doesn’t answer your prayers as you would like. I have a friend who has struggled with eating disorders and mental health issues for the last 4 years and there have been times when prayers have been answered and it seems she is getting better, only for it to get worse again. I would love it if you could pray for my friend. She is relapsing pretty badly into anorexia right now. She is such a kind, caring person and this illness is not only destroying her body but her personality too.
    Please could you pray for me too that I will be able to be a good support to her and also that I will keep trusting God. Last summer was particularly hard for my friend and it took a big toll on my faith in God and caused me to struggle for a while. I am in a much stronger position spiritually now than I was then and I am trusting God, but it does scare me a bit that things are getting worse again and that what happened last year is going to repeat itself. I know I need to stay close to God and keep trusting him whatever happens with my friend.

    • Lesley,
      oh how I ache with you. Yes. We cannot see all the spiritual side of it, but I am convinced that eating disorders have a special war in the spiritual side. Even for us who are mildly consumed with our weight or waist, there is a seed of discontent that comes from our enemy. He hopes to cause us to focus on ourselves instead of our purpose.
      I promise to be praying and will pray right now.
      Dear Lord, I thank You for placing Lesley where You have her. Thank You that she has not abandoned her friend or her faith in this difficult journey. We pray for her friend’s mind. Lord, You are the Almighty God, and even if Your answers are different than what we would desire or pray for, You have the big picture all in mind and we only see a few pieces of the puzzle at a time.
      Thank You for the courage You are developing in Lesley. Thank You that You are pleased with her, right now. That she doesn’t have to do anything to please You. There is no “benchmark” of faith that she must arrive at before You will delight in her. You already delight over her with singing (Zephaniah 3:17).
      We pray that as she prays for her friend, that You will unleash Your armies on her and her friend’s behalf.
      May You be glorified in all of this! Amen.

      Thank you again, Lesley. You are not alone. Your friend is not alone. Please keep us updated.
      BraveGirl Tammy

      • Thanks so much, Tammy. I really appreciate your prayers.

        • You are welcome, Lesley. And you are not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I just found your page and I have to say that ,once again ,the good Lord has lead me to just where I need to be.
    This has been a incredibly hard week. We found out that my Mom has pancreatic cancer. It is not operable. I am struggling with so many things, so many emotions, so many fears, and the lack of words to give my parents and child the emotional support they need. Please pray for us.

    • Christy,
      I am so sorry to hear of your Mom’s diagnosis. Truly, this is when you need to be reminded you are not alone. We are so thankful you were led to this page, this post, at this very time. We will be praying for your entire family, as you are all affected by this pain and uncertainty.
      Dear Lord, even now we lift up Christy, her parents, her child, and we ask that they would know You in this time. That You would be more than enough. You would be more than enough in the financial aspect. That You would be more than enough in the grief, the anger, the “why”, the fear, that You created each emotion and You would be in each of those moments, allowing them to feel everything. That they would know You from Psalm 139. You have designed each second of their lives and each breath.
      Lord, specifically we pray for Christy, that she would allow herself to completely collapse, overwhelmed but not destroyed, into Your Holy Arms. That she would allow You to be strong for her instead of her being strong for everybody else. Lord, let her see Your hand as she walks through this dark valley. You have not left her side. Please help her to know that she does not have to be the strong one. That You will be strong for her. That Your strength is enough for her parents, for her child, and that Your peace that passes all understanding would birth inside her and radiate outward so that she would have hope and confidence through this difficult journey.
      Lord, we lift these things up in your Holy Name, Amen.
      BraveGirl Tammy (and the entire BraveGirl Community)

      • Thank you so much for your prayers, please extend my thanks to your staff as well. It is so appreciated.

        • We’re so glad to have the chance to pray with you and support you, Christy! ๐Ÿ™‚
          ~The BraveGirl Community


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