Worthy Of A Miracle

Worthy Of A Miracle

“You’re a miracle! Linda, you are a miracle!” my friend kept repeating it over and over.

What is she talking about? What happened to me? IMG_0734I frantically scanned the room and looked down to see my limp body with tubes coming out of every orifice of me.

I was diagnosed with cancer 5 months prior but I had no recollection of how I ended up in a hospital bed unable to move any part of my body.

I was terrified. I could not remember anything except that I had cancer.

On September 29, 2009 I became extremely ill while undergoing chemotherapy and was admitted to the hospital. Within days I was put into a medically induced coma to avoid going into cardiac arrest. I was asleep for almost a month. Doctors told my family I had less than 5% chance of survival and “if” there was a miracle and I survived I would never walk or breathe again on my own.

Exactly one year later from that horrific prediction, I ran my very first half marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team In Training program.

While I was thrilled that I fully recovered from cancer and had 100% of my physical health back, I never really could accept the “miracle” label. Every time someone would call me a “miracle” it felt as though they were shining a bright floodlight in my face. I wanted to put my hands up to shield myself and hide. It was too much to comprehend.

I had struggled with not feeling “good enough” my entire life. I came from a broken home, was not the best student and felt insecure with just being me. Believing that I was worthy of a miracle was just too hard to comprehend. Instead of feeling elated, I felt defeated. For two years after my healing, I lived in limbo waiting to be found out that I did not deserve a second chance at life … worthy to be alive.

All of the doubt and insecurity wrecked havoc on my faith. I began to question God and his existence. One day I finally gave up and turned my back on God all together. I stopped going to church, reading my bible and even put my Christian life coaching business on hold, secretly hoping to never return to it.

I was in a spiritual crisis! I needed an even bigger miracle, to have faith to believe in God’s unimaginable love for me.

Several years later, I can confidently tell you that God did provide an even bigger MIRACLE in my life! This November I have my very first book coming out, Worthy of a Miracle, that takes you through an entire journey of not only one miracle, but multiple miracles. I want to encourage you today, that you too my friend are WORTHY OF A MIRALCE, worthy of all good things, and most importantly Worthy of God’s Love.



HeadshotLINDA KUHAR is a Board Certified Coach with the Center for Credentialing & Education, Certified Christian Life Coach with Christian Coach Institute and has led women worldwide through online Bible studies. Linda speaks to organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, churches, and women’s ministries throughout the United States. Click on the video below to see the trailer for Linda’s new book, Worthy Of A Miracle.




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Remind me God of who you are.
The one who speaks to the waters,
Who calms the storm.
A God who is gentle,
a good father and my friend.
A God who is my forever Savior until the end.

Remind me of your faithfulness
because I cannot see.
My mind is covered by my enemy.
Your truth shields my thoughts,
Your word refreshes my soul.
Breathe Holy Spirit into these dry bones.

Remind me of your everlasting love
that runs as far as the east is from the west
A love that does not fail
But guides me through every test.

Remind me of your protection
Your legion of angels standing guard,
to defend me in all my ways
Even when the path seems hard.

Remind me of your grip
that you hold me so tight.
When I am weak and I fail,
You are there to fight.

Remind me of the power of your unbelievable name
Let it be the first word from my mouth
JESUS I will proclaim!
No other name
will silence the fear,
calm the chaos
and draw you near.

Remind me Lord,
Because I am drowning without you.
I need you desperately…
without you, I cannot move.

And you gently respond with a whisper to my soul….

REMEMBER my Truth.
I am the God who SAVES.
My love NEVER runs out
and is NEVER delayed.
My arms stretch out to ALL in need .
I am your GOOD FATHER and will ALWAYS be.
You can TRUST me in the deep
when your heart is overwhelmed.
Reach out for my hand,
I will NOT fail.
You can REST in my faithfulness,
you can TRUST in my love,
Let go sweet child…I will NEVER give up.
You have my PROMISE
that I will Never EVER leave.
I am right here with you,
open your EYES and see.
COME with me and see
what I have in store,
my plan for you EXCEEDS that
and even MORE.
Taste my Goodness
because it NEVER runs dry,
stretch out your WINGS
and prepare to FLY.



cherl'sprofil picCheryl is passionate about Jesus and making Him known. She serves as a leader in women’s ministry and on the worship team of her church. She believes that by His stripes we are healed and we are nothing without Jesus, but EVERYTHING with Him. She believes there is freedom that awaits all our brokenness, all our mess, all our shame, and all our past if we turn our lives over to Him. She is married to her college sweetheart and they are blessed with three beautiful children.

Three To Six Months To Live

Three To Six Months To Live

July 31st, 2014 was a day to celebrate! It was my husband’s birthday. We had gone out to celebrate with our whole family. All the girls in our family were also planning and preparing to go to the Coast the next day to celebrate my Grandma’s 80th birthday! We were making more summer plans to go camping and enjoying the summer life that so many love here in Bend. But that never happened.

That night we had relatives staying with us and I had said good night to them. I fell asleep snuggling next to my husband, Sonny, and my seven year old daughter, Rhynn. At about 1:00am Sonny was awakened by a loud thump. He felt Rhynn next to him but couldn’t feel me. When he got up to try to see what had caused the thump he saw me slumped over, wedged between the bed and the dresser, and I was having a Grand mal seizure. He immediately noticed I wasn’t breathing. He ran to get my Aunt and Uncle and asked them for help. They thought maybe a tree had fallen because of how loud the thump was. They called 911.

The paramedics showed up and rushed me to the hospital (Rhynn never woke up in the midst of all of this. I believe an Angel was in the room protecting her). My sister followed close behind. I don’t really remember much of this. I just remember being scared and confused. I was paralyzed on the left side immediately. I couldn’t move my arm or my leg and half of my face was paralyzed. I do remember, however, having an MRI and then being told I had tumors in my brain. I had Melanoma for the second time in my life.

Over the next four days of my stay in the ICU it was a blur from the drugs I was on. I went home and waited for the swelling to go down so they could do surgery. What I thought was one night was actually four nights before they could perform surgery on me. In those four days, friends and family came in and out of my house, one after another, encouraging me, praying for me, loving me and my family.

My diagnosis was three to six months to live, three months with no treatment and six months with aggressive treatment. The Doctors didn’t think they’d be able to remove all three tumors (I didn’t know this at the time). Two nights before surgery my long time friends, Joe and Katherine, came to my house to pray over me. Immediately afterwards I lifted my left arm up, something I had not been able to do, then I got up and started walking. My brother-in-law later commented he wouldn’t have believed it had he not seen it with his own eyes! That was one of the many miracles that I’ve experienced since then.

TheIMG_7058 night before surgery we had about 100 friends and family come over to pray over me, sing worship songs and they took turns telling me how much they loved me. Afterwards Sonny made a video of me for my kids. I wanted my kids to hear what I thought was most important, in case I didn’t make it through the surgery. I told them I loved them, that Jesus loves them. I told them through many, many tears how much I love them, that when we belong to Jesus He will pursue you and that they always belong to Him. I said the things I never thought I’d have to say to my kids for them to watch when I was gone.

When I went to bed that night my son, Randon, who was 18 at the time, came into my room and told me he didn’t want me to do treatment because he didn’t want me to be sick the last three to six months of my life. That was the first time I had heard that diagnosis. I was shocked and confused. We cried together, talked about how it would be one day at a time, fighting all the way. I told him I needed him to pray for me and believe that God would heal me.

My pastor, Steve, came the next morning before surgery to pray for me. I don’t remember it but I’m so thankful for him and the church family that we love so much. They have been such a big part of my journey with their generosity. I was told the entire waiting room was filled with our church family and family members, standing room only. The Doctors ended up removing all three tumors! I stayed in the hospital for about a month, or maybe longer. I don’t remember exactly how long. I don’t remember a lot of it. It was still being said that I would probably only live for six months with aggressive treatment. There is no treatment for Melanoma cancer. Today it’s been over a year since my surgery. They were wrong. God is good. I have continued to say “You’re talking Science, I’m talking God. My God is bigger than Science”.



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Joy and her husband, Sonny, live in Bend Oregon with
their four children ranging from six to twenty-one years of age. You can learn more about Joy’s journey through her blog where she inspires many with her transparency, strength, and hope in Christ.

She and her family repeat a daily mantra together:

“I am powerful and what I believe changes the world! So today I declare: God is in a good mood. He loves me all the time. Nothing can separate me from His love. Jesus’ blood paid for everything. I will tell nations of what He has done. I am important. How He made me is amazing. I was designed for worship. My mouth establishes praise to silence the enemy. Everywhere I go becomes a perfect health zone. And with God…Nothing is impossible.”

Power. Love. Sound Mind.

Power. Love. Sound Mind.

Fear is not my friend.
It never has been.
It never will be.

Fear has done nothing but reek havoc on my life, paralyzing me in a web of lies and confusion. It has gripped me in believing the worst instead of focusing on truth. Many times it has kept me from stepping out into God’s best and hindered my passion to pursue and love the way Christ has commanded. It has caused me to fear the unknown and what is to come. It is NOT MY FRIEND or YOURS. It is, however, a friend to the biggest deceiver, satan himself.

If we choose to “be-friend” this lie, it can ruin us. So why do we continually welcome this unfaithful, lying, deceitful so called “friend” into our lives? Horrific circumstances happen. Sin happens. Tragedy happens. It can shake us to our core causing crippling effects both physically and emotionally.

I have learned that when I am entangled in this web, it’s because I forget who my God is…I doubt His ability. I question His sovereignty. I waiver on His unfailing love for me. And sometimes, I shamefully choose to sit and stay in the comfort of it all because it has become EASY. Battling fear can be draining. And when we try to battle on our own strength, we fall, we crumble. We become slaves to “our friend” fear.

IMG_4382God’s word says, “For God has NOT given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND” -2 Timothy 1:7.
These three things- power, love and sound mind, are a recipe for defeating the enemy when it comes to a spirit of fear.
Know the POWER of the living God that lives in you!
Know the LOVE of Christ that cast out ALL fear!
Know the peace of a SOUND MIND -His peace that will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
Fear cannot dwell in a heart who’s mind is focused on the things of God. We have the freedom to choose…Fear…OR…Faith.

Our God is so much BIGGER! And our FAITH in Him has to be Greater than our fear.
Jesus tells us, ” In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have OVERCOME the world.”-John 16:33
Our faith can rest in that…He has OVERCOME!!!

I want to leave you with this absolute truth bathed in a promise that God will be with you NO MATTER the trial, no matter the tragedy, no matter the sorrow, no matter the pain, no matter the fear….

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do NOT be afraid; do NOT be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”-Joshua 1:9




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Cheryl is passionate about Jesus and making Him known. She serves as a leader in women’s ministry and on the worship team of her church. She believes that by His stripes we are healed and we are nothing without Jesus, but EVERYTHING with Him. She believes there is freedom that awaits all our brokenness, all our mess, all our shame, and all our past if we turn our lives over to Him. She is married to her college sweetheart and they are blessed with three beautiful children.

Wait For This Man

Wait For This Man

Dear Daughter,

I’m writing this letter about twenty years early (or forty if your father has his way), but one day you will read these words and they will connect. They will mean something to you. What I need to tell you can be summed up in one word:  WAIT.

Let me explain…

Yesterday I was resting in my favorite chair. It was about 5:00 pm, and I had been feeling under the weather all day. I sat and watched your daddy take stacks of folded clothes from the couch into our bedroom to put them away. Stacks that I folded two days ago and that I could have easily put away, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. He didn’t say anything; he just did it. He did it for me because he knew I needed help. And as I watched him, I had to fight back tears because I suddenly had this thought: “I hope Molly finds this some day.”  And I think you will, if you can remember to wait. Wait on the guy who finishes your chores for you – who comes through in little ways to let you know he cares.

Wait on the man who looks you in your eyes and holds your gaze as he tells you you’re beautiful. Wait on the man who has a habit of telling you this when your hair is greasy, you’re makeup-free, and you’re wearing yesterday’s sweatpants. You’ll know he means it.

Wait on the man who gets up and goes to work. Wait for the guy who sacrifices in order to provide for his family. Wait for the guy who has a strong work ethic and takes pride in what he does. Wait for that man who dreams big and invites you to dream with him.

And when your dreams seem too big, too scary to ever come true, I hope you wait for the one who listens to your insecurities but then speaks truth into your heart and breathes confidence into your spirit. This man will bring you to tears by reading Proverbs 31 to you, telling you YOU’RE that woman, and believing it with every fiber of his being.


Wait for the man who thinks for himself – the man who stands apart from the masses unapologetically because he is rooted and grounded in God. Wait for the man who doesn’t need anyone’s approval. The man who teaches you how to be brave and courageous. The man who will fight for you and for what he believes in. Wait for this man.

Wait for the man who looks at the stars with you and ponders the mysteries of the heavens. Wait for the one who writes you poems…not all the time, but just enough to remind you how deeply his love for you goes. Wait for the man who buys you jewelry and flowers, but no stuffed animals (because that’s just cheesy)!

Wait for the man who makes you feel strong, capable, and worthy. Wait for the man who would never disrespect you. The right one will honor you even when he’s out of your presence. You wait on this man, and your heart will never doubt him.


Wait on the man who allows God to break him down and mold him into the man he’s meant to be. Wait on the one who has a calling to serve his Heavenly Father. Wait on the man who isn’t perfect, but who keeps pressing on, getting back up, and learning from his mistakes.


And finally, wait on the man who smacks your booty when he walks by, who hugs you for a full 60 seconds when you need him to, and who gives you amazing massages, even though you’re quite possibly the world’s worst masseuse and will never be able to repay him!!


My darling daughter, one of these days you will be wondering if it’s love and if some boy is the right one. My prayer is that your daddy will set such a high standard in your eyes, that you will never be tempted to settle for anyone less than who you deserve. Don’t get in a hurry to find love. Don’t feel pressured to give yourself away. WAIT. Wait on the Lord, and He will send you a man who is everything to you that your father is to me. God will grow the love between you as the years pass. Your patience will be rewarded.

Wait…please wait!!


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Letting Go {A Guest Post by Kristen Wald}

Letting Go {A Guest Post by Kristen Wald}

Today is a day I hold dear to my heart; it’s the day my precious daughter turns one.

As I plan for her birthday party, smell the cake baking in the oven, blow up colorful balloons, wrap gifts in shiny paper, a tear makes its way down my cheek.  I thank God for His grace that I am able to celebrate this day, this joyous day.

As I sort through pictures scattered on the living room floor of the year’s past, my heart is overcome.  I pull out a picture, buried under a multitude of joyous memories past.  This picture, one I had not dared to display, captured a very different memory.

A tiny, not quite three-month old baby, lay with eyes closed on a pediatric sized gurney.  Her pale little body against stiff white sheets, tubes and wires covering her in all directions, bright examining light shining down.  I go back to those moments, those days.  Ten days spent in the pediatric intensive care unit, three of which my husband and I did not expect to walk out of that hospital with our baby.  Three days of no hope.  I have burnt in my mind the memory of the doctor looking into our eyes as he said “I’m so sorry, there’s nothing we can do.”

I know I am supposed to be writing about bravery.  You’re probably expecting me to tell you what I did to cope in that situation, the strength that I had, the will that I had to never give up.  Honestly, I was anything but brave, anything but strong, and in my heart, I had given up all hope as we prepared to say goodbye to our three month old daughter.

The nurse quietly asked if I wanted to hold her.  I quickly nodded as the tears continued to fall.  I situated myself in the chair beside her bed, nervously rubbing the palms of my hands together as she scooped her limp little body out of the bed.  Gently, she placed her in my arms; her pale, limp little body laid motionless as I nestled her close to me.  I held her close as I grieved.  Gently I stroked the hair across her forehead, distorted through my tears.

It was time for another assessment.  I had to let go.  The nurse gently took her and laid her once again in the bed, the cold, oversized, empty bed, on stark white sheets.  My mind began spinning, I felt like throwing up, as I stared at the examination light shining down on her little body.  I began losing my already deprived sanity.  I dropped to my knees in the corner of the room, fists clenched tightly as I grabbed fistfuls of my hair and began sobbing.  I had hit rock bottom.  Everything in me wanted to hold on, wanted so badly to grasp something, anything, and not let go.  I had no control over anything, nothing.  Physically letting go of my baby cemented that in my mind. From Beyond The Miracle, by Kristen Wald

The truth is, I was not created to face that moment, that trial alone.  I was not created to be strong on my own accord.  I was not called to be brave by my own strength; and neither are you.  During those times, Christ invites us to lean into Him, to give Him our burden.

Cast your cares on The Lord and he will sustain you.  He will never let the righteous fall. Psalm 55:22

In the midst of my greatest fears, my greatest sorrow, in those moments that hurt to breathe; in those moments I felt as though I was being pulled under and drowning in the ferocious waves of my storm, I cast my cares upon The Lord.

I surrendered; I let go.

I let go of my desires, I let go of my dreams.

I surrendered the very thing in this world that was more precious to me than life itself; my child.

And as I let go, Abba Father took hold.

He took hold of me.

I felt the darkness disappear; I felt the burden I had been carrying lifted off my shoulders.  I could breathe again.  I knew in that moment of surrender, it was none other than God Himself who gathered me in the folds of His garments and carried me through the valley of the shadow of death.  The peace of sweet release, the burden of holding on to that which I had no control was lifted.  I felt indescribable peace; I knew that regardless of where my child was,  rather in my arms, or in the eternal arms of Jesus, that she was held by the Good Shepherd.  I held on to the promise of God’s faithfulness and His love; His love for me, and the richness of His love for the little children, for my child.  My heart was still breaking, not wanting to say goodbye, but willing to let go. From Beyond The Miracle, by Kristen Wald

We all face storms in our lives, moments when it hurts to breathe.  Moments when we wonder how we will survive the trial.  But our God is faithful, He is indescribably vast, and He is able.

I challenge you to be brave, but be brave in The Lord.  Be brave as you surrender and lean on His rich promises!

Do you not know?  Have you not heard?  The Lord is the everlasting God, the creator of the ends of the earth.  He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.  He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.  Isaiah 40:28-29


Kristen Wald is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls.  She is a helpmate to her hard working husband and homemaker for their family.  Although as a child, she grew up in church, in a loving Christian family, it has only been throughout the past couple of years that she has begun to taste the fullness of life in Christ.  She has a passion for writing and a love for music.  Above all else, she feels the urgency to instill the word of God into the tender hearts and minds of her children and to share the story of God’s grace bestowed upon her with everyone she meets.  Please visit her Facebook page: Beautiful Life Ministries for more info. about Kristen.