BraveGirl Tammy

“I’m not perfect.”

“Nobody’s perfect.”

Though these phrases are common-use, rarely was I content to keep them as an excuse.

“I’m not perfect but I’m convinced I can be if I just try hard enough.”
To add to the pressure, I’m the oldest of five children and my first name, Tammy, is of Hebrew origin and means “perfection”.

My mom reminds me, that my middle name (Jean) is of Greek origin and means “God is merciful” or “God is gracious”

What God has been teaching me, especially since marrying my best friend, Dave, in 2004, is that He wants to be in control of my life. He wants me to trust Him to lead.
This directly conflicts with me being the source of my own goodness and success. Truthfully? I wrestle against Him frequently, though the logical choice is “let go and let God”. Cliché as it is, that phrase is nearly an impossibility for me of my own choosing.

Thankfully, His infinite love and understanding of who I am and how He created me gives Him great patience and He is delighted when I occasionally “get it” and sit back, allowing Him to work it out.
He never fails to amaze me with His master plans for my life. I hope to encourage you to pursue this Holy, Marvelous God with your entire heart, and I will share with you my journey as well.
He does not expect perfection, just a willing heart.

I’m blessed to have three girls that teach me daily how God sees us. As I learn more about Him, I want to share His love and grace with you. It’s Amazing!

All For His Glory!




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