BraveGirl Tamara

Hi friends, I’m Tamara, and I still can’t believe I’m writing this bio.

You see, me being here, a part of the BraveGirl team, is nothing short of God’s divine hand moving. He has opened doors that I didn’t even know existed and has given me friends that I never knew I needed. He’s moving friends…so prepare your hearts for divine appointments and incredible blessings – because that’s what happens here in the BraveGirl Community.

I’m wife to Arami, the most amazing man on the planet, and mama to four handsome little boys who keep me on my toes and sleeping really good at night. It’s a wild and crazy ride and I just love it so much. We live in the San Francisco bay area in sunny California.

I never thought I’d be called to women’s ministry. In fact, after making some life-shattering decisions back in 2010 that just about destroyed my marriage, I didn’t think I’d be called to any ministry. I dug myself into the deepest of pits and believed that I belonged there. But as you must know, God had other plans for me. By His unexplainable workings and endless grace, my heart and my marriage were both restored.

Here’s the thing: God’s grace was always there. Even in the moments when I couldn’t see it, it was there – wrapped up like a precious gift waiting for me on my doorstep. I just had to open the door so I could see it and accept it. But that’s the thing about guilt and shame – it forces you into a corner where you can’t (or don’t want to) see the truth. It’s in those moments when we desperately need our sisters to come alongside us and remind us of what’s true – of who we are and whose we are. That’s when we need to be reminded of what God has done in the lives of our sisters, so that we can see His grace at work and be reminded that it’s ours too, if we’ll accept it.

That’s what BraveGirl is to me; a beautiful collection of hope-filled stories that point to Him, all written by imperfect, broken, BraveGirls just like me. It’s the much needed reminder that I’m not alone on this crazy journey of womanhood and that I don’t have to do it alone. It’s encouragement at just the right moment because someone was obedient and brave enough to share their story. That’s what BraveGirl is to me.

So with indescribable joy and excitement, hi!!!! I’m so excited to be here. I hope that God will use me to be a breath of fresh air to a drowning heart, a spark of hope to the hopeless mind, and a firm reminder that He is bigger and you’re never too far gone. Let’s be brave together, friends.