BraveGirl Sara

Hi! It is so nice to meet you. I’m Sara, a child of God, wife, mama, and artist/photographer. BraveGirl Community is a special place where I get to express God’s love for us through the lens of my camera, zooming in on His beauty that surrounds us every day.

autumn-212-1-of-1Photography isn’t just a hobby or passion of mine. It’s the very string that connects me to God’s heart. His eyes and mine, we’re connected through photos and the lens is my tool of worship. It is a gift to notice this bright, beautiful world and all the light God continues to cram into every nook and cranny of our lives.

Ever since childhood I’ve been told I see the world though rose-colored glasses. While adulthood and life in general have shown me the less than rosy side of things on occasion, I prescribe to the sweet side of life kind of thinking. Whether it’s a spiderweb glistening with morning dew or a flock of birds soaring together in a beautiful dance across the sky, I see our Heavenly Father in the real, raw, everyday. It is with this view, looking for the rosy in the routine, that I face the world and the people in it on a daily basis.

But I know the world can be dark too, so very dark. I know. My camera was essential in rescuing me from postpartum depression and has been an unmeasurable gift in helping me see God in times of trouble. Taking photos is a daily joy and reminder of God’s continuous blessings and faithfulness.

Besides photography, my heart also beats loudly for adoption and foster care, black coffee, hot tea by the buckets full, stacks of books, soulful music, bouquets of flowers, cows and the farm life (we live on one!), cooking, candles, and getting to know people authentically. My most favorite people in the world are my family and people who bravely show their honest, authentic selves to the world on a daily basis.

You are so welcome here. My prayer is that when you view the photographs here, you feel the love of Christ…a love that gets straight to our hearts and souls and permeates our very bones.
I’m so glad you’re here, brave girl! I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the lens with me into God’s creation here at BraveGirl Community and discovering how much He truly loves us.

Your Sister In Christ,

BraveGirl Sara

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