BraveGirl Robyn

I’m Robyn and I’m so honored to be a part of this community of brave, vulnerable, obedient women! I’m a southern girl and a middle child of nine who loves life and all her people in it. I teach elementary school, but have a dream in my heart to give others hope through the honest and raw words that I write. I am the wife of a very stylish, adventurous man who has nudged me outside of my comfort zone for so many years that I’ve finally decided that’s where I prefer to be. We have a sweet little girl who oozes creativity every minute of the day and a crazy boy who doesn’t let his autism keep him from being the most joyful kid you’ve ever met.

I drink excessive amounts of coffee, obsessively watch cooking shows with my daughter but dread actually cooking dinner, and I hoard plastic grocery bags for unknown reasons. I can listen to my son play piano for hours, travel every chance I get, hold my husband’s hand whenever he’s in close proximity, and prefer to hear your life story than to chat about the weather. Because really, time on this earth is short and we’ve got to get down to business.

That’s really what I’m all about. I have lived through enough tragedy in my life to know that this life is just a drop in the ocean compared to eternity and I sure do want you to end up in our heavenly home with me one day. I grew up knowing Jesus and always felt him there, but it wasn’t until my marriage crumbled and I experienced first hand God glueing my life back together piece by piece. I truly believe in his power and divine love for me. He restored my marriage and my heart and then called me to go tell others about the work He has done in my life. My prayer is that you and others will find hope through my words and have a greater understanding of how God’s power can change us forever.

So, it is in obedience that I expose my pain and imperfections and share my story with you here at BraveGirl Community. I wish you could come over in your pajama pants and I could fix you a cup of hot tea. Then we could talk until way past our bedtimes, but I suspect this is the next best thing. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be brave while giving our God the glory he so greatly deserves.

In His Grace,

BraveGirl Robyn