BraveGirl Martha

Hi everyone!

My name is Martha and I’m a newer face here at BraveGirl. I’m honored to be a part of this community of women who keep me inspired and encouraged! My hope is that God will use my words and my story to comfort and strengthen other women who are walking similar paths.

I’m a girl who spent a huge portion of her life trying to hide her flaws. It was an exhausting way to live. The big secret I kept growing up and even into my mid 20’s was that I struggle big time with social anxiety. The transformation that’s taken place inside of me can only be attributed to God’s restorative power. He’s taken me from a timid daughter bound by fear to one who is learning to embrace my title as Daughter of the King, one who has hope.

I am married to an amazing man, who only becomes more amazing in my eyes the longer we walk through life together. Our marriage is another testimony to God’s restorative power as we have survived more than one obstacle that could have easily broken us. We are currently parents to a funny little pug named Simon, and long for children of our own. The 5+ years of infertility we are walking through is shaping our story even further, and we are in it together, expectantly waiting to see what God has for us in this area of life.

I’m a preschool teacher who enjoys thrifting and crafting in my free time. Pinterest has impacted my life for the better, and my happy place is Goodwill. I’m not really an athletic, competitive person unless I’m hunting for a deal, and I can’t really decide if that makes me relatable or just plain quirky.

I look forward to sharing and connecting with you more! My hope for us as women is that we will embrace the unique creations, flaws and all, that God designed us to be. Let’s walk alongside each other as we resolve to be overcomers and difference makers for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Love In Christ,

BraveGirl Martha