BraveGirl Christy

Hey there! I’m Christy,
Thank you for hangin’ out with us at Brave Girl Community. What an exciting and special place to meet up! I hope you’ll find great encouragement as you explore all the amazing ways God has moved in so many lives here at BGC.
As for me, I am the Director and CEO here at BGC. But the truth is…God is the true Director of this website. I shake my head in awe of how God’s grace has intervened in my life and the fact I’m writing these words to you today is nothing short of a miracle. I finally figured out that I truly NEED Him. It is not just a want or a desire, it is a true NEED. When my heart finally understood this, it was the beginning of a life change for me…the beginning of healing, the beginning of freedom.
I have battled several strongholds in my life ranging from chocolate, cheese dip, and Sonic vanilla cokes to more spiritually debilitating strongholds such as alcoholism, smoking, adultery, and same sex attraction. God has been by my side through them all and leaves me in amazement daily at where I am today compared to where I was just 10 years ago.
Because of God’s grace, I am no longer bound by alcohol or cigarettes, I am free from my past sexual sins, and I am free from the lesbian lifestyle I lived for so long. The relationship I have with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is what makes all the difference.
I’m married to a wonderful man and we have a beautiful 6 year old boy who steals my heart in a new way every day. I’m an ex-college athlete who thinks I’ve still got it until my 40 year old body brings me back to reality. I was a teacher and high school coach for several years until my son was born and now I’ve entered the world of Real Estate as a Realtor and I’m also working on a podcast called The Brave Place (not out yet) where I will be interviewing men and women with Brave stories! Stay Tuned! I love serving in ministry at my church and and you can catch me watching sports or doing anything I can OUTDOORS!
My prayer is that you will be encouraged by the words you read here and that BGC will be a place of comfort, peace, rest, and laughter as we explore the beauty of God’s workmanship taking place in each of our lives. I pray that you see yourself as a new creation in Christ and that you truly understand who you are in Him. What an amazing God we serve!
I’m excited to be a part of this journey with you! Give me a shout out on Facebook or shoot me an email at Would love to hear from you!
Your Sister in Christ,