About Us

Welcome to the Brave Girl Community!

We’re so glad you’re here!


We have experienced first-hand the power of love and support found in an encouraging communitySo we extend to you an invitation to join with us!  It’s not all shiny and put together, sometimes it’s messy, a bit edgy and cranky, but it’s worth it! God doesn’t demand perfection, just a little progress.      feet

Our purpose -We are several women from different backgrounds and seasons of life contributing to one community website that has a central purpose – sharing our bravery, boldness and passion for pursuing and experiencing God’s Grace and love by telling our unique stories. Although, like anything in life we are not sure what the journey will look like, we are sure of one thing – the God who has called us.

We believeone way to see God’s glory is in community and everyone is welcome! We are sensitive to the fact that each person’s journey is unique and so when we write we don’t claim to be perfect we only share our own imperfect experiences. We are motivated from a place of  diversity and  loving inclusion.  It’s not our place to judge anyone based on their race, religious affiliations, political choices, or sexual orientation.  We believe that we all are made in the image of God, therefore we are all connected and more will be revealed with time.

The BraveGirl Community exists because of Jesus and under His name we are unified and for His name we gather. If you are wrestling with your faith, we hope you will find this community a safe deep place to wrestle.

Gratitude is a central theme in our community-We are thankful for technology and that you are here with us!  We hope that you will enter into these pages and find this a safe place to share a little part of your brave self too!

The Word of God is the foundation for our community-  Habakkuk 3:19 The Lord my God is my Strength and my personal “BRAVERY”.

All for His Glory!