Warrior – A Letter From The King

Warrior – A Letter From The King

Dear Daughter,

You see your weakness
and you crumble to the ground.
Covered in the weight and fear
of all consuming sound.
It’s the voice of your adversary
feeding every misconstrued lie.
He whispers “You are NOTHING”
hoping to discourage you to fight.

You lay there for a second
contemplating if any of this is true,
that you’re weak.
Not valued.
You’re beyond fearful too.
You can’t see past the darkness,
to the light of my truth.
But listen closely daughter,
I will show you how to move.

Get up and STAND FIRM
with your armor set in place.
Lift high your head daughter,
you are a WARRIOR in my name.

Wrap the BELT of TRUTH
tightly around your waist
firmly in its place.
Strap your SHOES tightly,
walk confidently in my PEACE.
Raise up your SHIELD of FAITH
to deflect your enemy.
is your security in Christ.
SAVED and SEALED by the blood,
bought with a precious price.
Now grab your SWORD of the SPIRIT
and speak BOLDLY from My Truth.
My word does NOT return void-
“I AM” declares it over you.


You slowly get up
from the depths of the ground,
dusting the ashes of defeat
from the tip of your brow.
You’re STRONG.
You’re BOLD,
with a fierce look in your eye.
Staring at your enemy telling him,
“It’s now past your time!
Because my Daddy says
He created me to fight.
I am not your weak one satan
and I will put you into flight.
You come at me like a flood
trying to drown me in your lies,
but I am armed and dangerous
in the POWER of HIS MIGHT!”

I will NOT be shaken.
I will NOT be moved.
I DECLARE my victory in Jesus’ name
His plans are for my GOOD!


Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You

There are some of you who will read this post who “get it”. You get this Love. You know this unconditional, rich, no strings attached, everlasting, never leave you, beautiful, grace-filled, sacrificial Love of Jesus. If this is you, then you know that there is NOTHING like it and you know it to your very core. And I can bet that if you know the Love of Jesus like this, You cannot wait to share it with everyone! Can I just say AMEN?!

But what about those that don’t “get it”?
Amazing, godly people, who love Jesus, are wandering aimlessly wounded, feeling unworthy, unloved and not good enough in the hopes that God “might” love them. We like to tell about His love to others, but when asked the question, “Do you believe God loves you?” overwhelmingly there is a pause and the answer is…”No.” I hear and see it ALL the time and I have personally experienced it.

So my post today is for the person who doesn’t know that Love, but who longs to understand. The person who doesn’t “get it”, but is desperate to know it in their heart. The person who has gone to “church” all his/her life, but doesn’t know the all encompassing LOVE of the Father. That’s who I am writing this to…YOU. Jesus’ love is FREELY given and available to you and me. Sometimes its not a matter of us not believing he loves us….but RECEIVING this unbelievable gift.

Jesus Loves you.

Let me say that again (in all caps)…JESUS LOVES YOU.
I come to you with a humble heart to say, I have been there. I have sung or talked about these three words over and over, pouring them into others, but not realizing I needed to know it for myself. I accepted Christ over 20 years ago and have had an amazing and precious journey with God. I have seen him move in ways I could never explain. I have seen him heal and breathe new life into my own wounds and hurts. I have seen his Word transform me and become alive and active… and yet… somehow I had not fully understood the simple Truth… He Loves me.cherylpicohhowhelovesus

It wasn’t until after a service at church last fall that I began to see that something was missing.
We sang the lyrics “He LOVES us…oh how he loves us”. I spoke right before this song about His love, praying that you/they could “get it”. Everything I said that day was absolutely my heart and what I believe…but I didnt fully comprehend it for myself. I had a lot of head knowledge, but my heart wasn’t quite there. I didn’t need more wisdom or information on God’s Love for me, but a transforming revelation in my spirit.

I got in my car after the service with tears in my eyes and said “God, please don’t ever let me speak on your love without knowing it myself. I want to be the real deal.” It was sometime shortly after that day that I heard a sermon specifically on the love of Jesus, with scriptures on His love and how some of us don’t feel worthy to RECEIVE that love-but God gives it FREELY. The pastor spoke on the simplicity of the song we all know, “Jesus Loves me this I know..for the bible tells me so…” and he even began to sing those lyrics… I began to cry. Truth had just collided with my heart… HE LOVES ME.

“I have LOVED YOU with an everlasting LOVE; I have drawn YOU with unfailing kindness…”-Jeremiah 31:3

From that day forward, something changed. I focused the next few weeks on His Love to the point of telling God (not that he needed me to) “I receive your love.” Saying that out loud was helpful for me to declare it whether I felt it or not! And you know what, I started to “get it”…I believed it! I realized that His love has ALWAYS been there-I just didn’t see my self worthy to receive it because of my failures and my flaws. I thought if I can just do or be enough and love God enough…then maybe I will be worthy. But that’s “conditional” love….not Jesus’ Love.

The song isn’t just familiar lyrics anymore-” JESUS LOVES ME this I know”…it is truth! And I want you to know that this is TRUTH for YOU as well.

HE LOVES YOU beyond anything you can comprehend.
HE LOVES YOU in the midst of every flaw, every failure, every sin.
HE LOVES YOU even as you run in the opposite direction from His open arms.
HE LOVES YOU when you silence your ears to hear his voice.
HE LOVES YOU even when you pick up that bottle, that drug or gamble that last penny.
HE LOVES YOU when you are doubled over a toilet because you feel unworthy.
HE LOVES YOU when you doubt His goodness, doubt that He is who He says He is, doubt that He can and will fulfill his promises.
HE LOVES YOU even when you don’t choose him….because HE. CHOSE. YOU.

His love was displayed on the cross before you were ever even born. He knew you would arrive on this earth one day, because He chose YOU, He planned YOU and He created YOU. His love was poured out on the cross, so that in return it could be poured in to you. His horrific death was to show you he deems you WORTHY of HIS LOVE. This kind of Love can melt the hardest hearts, restore a broken marriage, cover and heal lies that you have believed all your life, expose fear that has gripped you to no end (1 John 4:19-His perfect LOVE casts out all fear)….but even if these things never change(and I believe they can) He simply LOVES YOU and that is ENOUGH. It is unconditional, radical, incomprehesible, unfathomable, everlasting, grace filled Love. Our minds cannot grasp this kind of love, but guess what, our heart’s can and….it’s FREE!

I pray that YOU, being rooted and established in LOVE, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the LOVE of CHRIST, and to know this LOVE that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of ALL the fullness of God.-Ephesians 3: 17-19

This is my prayer for you and I today! That we know, to our core, the Love that has lavishly been poured out on us. That we come to Him with open hands and open hearts to say “I receive your LOVE.” Let’s freely receive so that we can freely give(Matthew 10:8) and overflow with the love of Christ! Let there be a rise within the church to LOVE extravagantly because we cannot contain something that is so AMAZING!