Author Lauren Jacobs Interviews BG Christy

Author Lauren Jacobs Interviews BG Christy

Author Aliyah Lauren Jacobs of South Africa interviews BG Christy about what we’re doing at BraveGirl Community. Listen to the audio podcast by clicking the link below.

Special thanks to Aliyah for highlighting BraveGirl Community!

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Aliyah Lauren Jacobs is passionate about story telling. She loves to challenge and breathe new love and life into the hearts of those listening as she shares the forgotten stories about the women in the Bible and on the peripheral of history. God has called her to tell these stories and encourage women to stand up and pursue their birthright in the King of Kings. Aliyah also teaches, preaches, is a woman abuse therapist, abuse researcher, gender equality advocate and performance poet. Learn more about Aliyah by visiting her website:  and her blog:

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